Identifying boats by hull ID number is easy once you know what each digit represents.

Here’s an example and breakdown of a hull ID number on a 2011 26M.


MAC (first three letters): These will always be “MAC” on any Macgregor

M (fourth digit): This is an “M” to indicate the 26M model. Other model letter designations are listed below

2812 (fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth number): This shows it was the 2,812th hull built

A (9th letter): This shows a boat built in January. A “B” would be February, “C” for March, etc., all the way to “L” for December.

1 (10th number): This single number indicates what year the boat was actually made in. A “9” would be 2009, and a “2” would be 2012, or in the case of a 26X, and the fourth letter being “X”, a “2” would instead indicate 2002.

11 (last two numbers): This is the model year of the boat.


Letter designations for various boats (fourth digit):

A – Venture 17

B – Venture 21 / Macgregor 21

G – Venture 22 / Venture 222 / Macgregor 22

N – Venture 23

E – Venture 24 / Venture 224

F – Venture 25 / Macgregor 25

W – Macgregor 26C Classic (either daggerboard or swingkeel)

P – Macgregor 19 Powersailor

X – Macgregor 26X Powersailor

M – Macgregor 26M Powersailor


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